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Categories of consent

Consent categories

Consent categories represent the types of consent available when signing a consent form. 

Consent categories are created when configuring consent management and are designed to be reused across consent form templates. We recommend creating one consent category for each consent purpose you require. You can then add the relevant consent categories to your consent form templates based on your needs. Only the consent categories added to a consent form template are presented in a consent form.

The following example lists some examples of consent categories and how they are presented in a consent form. The signee (consent form recipient) can choose to accept or decline each category.  


When users have responded to consent requests, Fotoware can compare the consent categories given in various templates and recognize when they represent the same type of consent. This is important for determining the overall consent for an asset when the asset has multiple consent forms (using more than one consent form template) linked to it. 

On the Consent Forms page, you can easily filter consent forms using the Approved categories filter.


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