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Consent status of an asset

Learn what the consent status icons on an asset mean.

When Consent Management is enabled for the archive and assets are linked with one or more consent forms, each asset displays a consent status marker. This marker is displayed in the Fotoware asset grid and on the asset details page and indicates the consent status of the asset.

This allows you to easily track whether or not you have consent to use a photo or video.


Hover over the consent status marker to display status information: 

pending_icon.png Pending - Not all linked consent forms have been signed.

partial_consent_icon.png Partial consent - All linked consent forms have been signed, but not all categories have been accepted.  The approved categories are listed. 

full_consent_icon.png Full consent - All linked consent forms have been signed.  The categories in which you can use this asset are listed.

no_consent_needed_icon.png No consent needed - The asset has been marked as not needing consent.

no_consent_icon.png No consent - The asset cannot be used for any categories.  The reasons are listed. 

no_consent_found_icon.png No consent found - The asset is currently expected to need consent, but consent forms have been linked to this asset.

more_consent_needed_icon.png More consent needed - One or more forms have been linked to the asset, but more forms are needed to complete the consent status. This is most likely because there are more people in the content than consent forms linked to the asset.

If an asset has several signed consent forms, then the consent status of the asset is defined according to the following rules:

  • if all of the linked consent forms have all categories approved and the categories are the same in each form, the asset consent status is Full consent. 
  •  if all of the linked consent forms have different approved categories (none matching), the asset consent status is No consent.
  •  if all of the linked consent forms have at least one same approved category in addition to some unapproved categories, the asset consent status is Partial consent.

ee also Marking an asset as needing more consent or needing no consent.

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