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Signing a consent form by QR code

Learn how to sign a consent form using a QR code.

Signing a consent form by QR code

You can sign a consent form by scanning a QR code directly on your mobile device.

You can also sign a consent form by opening a link sent to you by email. For more information about both options, see Requesting consent for use.


If you are signing a consent form as a guardian, these steps vary slightly as you need to enter information about yourself as a signee and information about the person on whose behalf you are signing.

  1. Scan the QR code and open the link.  The consent form opens in a web browser, select Continue
  2. On each step, enter the required details and select Next to continue.
  • Terms and conditions - Read and accept the terms and conditions. Alternatively, select Decline to close the consent form.
  • Categories of consent - Select the categories to which you consent. If any of these categories are mandatory you must accept them before you can continue.
  • Your details  (non-guardian only) - Enter your personal details and upload a photo of yourself, or if you are signing as a guardian, upload a photo of the person on whose behalf you are signing. This photo is displayed as a thumbnail on the Consent Forms page and can be useful to quickly identify the consent form..
  • Personal details (guardian only) - Enter the name and last name of the person for whom you are signing, as well as a photo (optional).
  • Signee details (guardian only) - Enter your personal details.
  1. The final step is to sign the consent form. You can upload your signature as a file or sign directly on the page. Select Clear to delete your signature, if necessary. 
  2. Select Submit to confirm your consent.

Tip: You can monitor your step progression in the panel on the left.

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