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April 2024 hotfix 1

Learn what's included in the first April 2024 hotfix for Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - April 2024 hotfix 1


This release has already been deployed to all tenants.

Note: We advise every user to update their FWDT version to avoid issues when using it with integrations such as the Microsoft Office Plugin.

Fixed issue 

  • When using autosearch filters on archives with dynamic date ranges in the Pro interface, some assets were not displayed. This was due to the date variable in the search filter being interpreted incorrectly. This is now fixed, and the autosearch filter works as expected.  

Known issues 

  • When you set up a taxonomy for a new field and add it to a metadata view, a Taxonomy is invalid error message appears when you select an item in the navigation list.
  • When you upload an asset file with a JSON metadata file using the legacy upload API, it fails. Uploading an asset file without a JSON metadata file works as expected.
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