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August 2019 update

Fotoware as a Service - August 2019 Update


With this release we're introducing self-service management of workflows!

This means that you can configure your own Actions and Markers without having to request the assistance of Fotoware Support or a Fotoware Partner. 

What's required to start using the new features?

To manage Actions and Markers, users will need to be members of a group that has the Manage workflows permission set. A user with rights to manage users and groups (a feature that was made available in a previous Fotoware SaaS update) can edit the permissions of an administrative group in Fotoware and enable the feature:

Group permissions - Manage workflows.png

Having enabled workflow management for a group, log on to Fotoware with a user that's a member of that group. This will give the user access to a new entry on the tools menu: Manage site. 

Tools menu - Manage site.png
Clicking on this link will open the new site dashboard, the new home where all aspects of the site can be configured.

Here you'll find Action and Marker configuration, as well as the configuration of Archives and Metadata views. The actual nodes you see in the panel on the left will reflect the areas of the configuration you've been given access to manage (using Group permissions).

Manage site dashboard.png

Other news

We've also made it possible to authenticate non-interactive third-party applications using OAuth - this is an improvement over the legacy API authentication for non-interactive clients, which will be phased out at some point in the future. We advise integrators to change their integrations to use the new OAuth scheme.

Documentation of new features

Complete documentation of the new archive management and metadata view features can be found in the Configuring Actions and Configuring Markers guides.

Improvements to OAuth for non-interactive client applications is documented in the OAuth section.

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