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July 2023 update

Learn what's included in the July 2023 update of Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - July 2023 update     



This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

Fixed issues  

  • Previously, some content was outside the table scope in the Manage webhook view. This is now fixed, and all table content is displayed.
  • In Site Configuration, you could not save a change to the character case of a user or group name. This is now fixed, and you can, for example, change the username admin to Admin
  • Previously, the ingestion macro was not applied when you copied and moved an asset to a destination folder where an asset with the same filename was located. This is now fixed. 
  • When uploading a TIFF file, a placeholder icon poster will be displayed as a preview.
  • Fotoware Main Interface: The thumbnail metadata tooltip of an asset overlapped with the asset below in some cases. This is now fixed and the thumbnail view is only displayed when you hover over the asset to which the metadata belongs.
  • Previously, when uploading a very large TIFF file (more than 2 GB), all metadata was lost. This is now fixed, and all metadata fields that are not editable in the metadata view of the archive are preserved as long as the Preserve existing metadata for fields left empty during upload is selected in the metadata view.
  • The Run now action is executed only once, regardless of how many times the action is selected. 


  • In the Upload dialog, thumbnail previews were not displayed for files over 10 MB. Now the Upload dialog displays thumbnail previews for files up to 200MB.
  • Consent Management permissions are not visible in an archive when Consent Management is disabled on the archive.
  • The entire tooltip content is displayed for Consent Management markers on the Asset Details page.


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