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July 2024

Learn what's included in the July 2024 update for Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - July 2024 update   


This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

New functionality

  • Unified user-facing messages when deleting assets. In the Main and the Pro Interface, users now get the same UI information when attempting to delete an asset. In addition, the message now always includes the number of assets to be deleted. 

  • Improved message for people filling in a consent form. The updated text now says: Please upload a clear photo of yourself, preferably a selfie, and fill in your details to help us accurately identify you in photos and link them with your consent form. This should make it easier for people to upload a photo that shows them clearly and also makes it easier for FotoWeb users to link assets to a consent form.

Note: Currently, these improvements are only available in English. Updated translations will be available in one of the upcoming FotoWeb releases.

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