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March 2020 update

Fotoware as a Service - March 2020 update


This release is rolled out on customer sites starting April 1, 2020.


With this release we're continuing to improve the self-service experience. You will be able to control even more aspects of your Fotoware yourself, without having to rely on Fotoware Support. Documentation for the new features has been released publicly on

The screenshot below shows all the features that can now be configured in the new site configuration. We've added more features to the configuration, so that you can set up more aspects of the site yourself.


clipboard_ef7ec10f456abc122b9e4ffadde35150a.pngSite branding

Complete site branding is now available to let you add custom logos, change colors using CSS, add legal information in the footer and customize several aspects of your Fotoware.

Site-wide watermarking

Watermarks can be applied to thumbnails and previews on your Fotoware, to downloaded pictures, and to pictures that are processed in a workflow (action)

Quick renditions

On-demand resizing of images for delivery of a certain pixel size in the browser, with optional watermarking

Crop Profiles

Customizable crop sizes for use with the Fotoware plugins - allowing users to check out an image for local cropping

Processing profiles

On-demand processing of images, for use in combination with download, crop & download or actions (=workflows).

Several processing profiles can be collected in a set and assigned to an archive, so that different archives enable download of different sizes. ICC color profiles can also be uploaded to Fotoware and used in processing.

Storage Pools

Users with a Fotoware plan that has more than one storage pool can now rename their pools for easy recognition when setting up archives.

A note on the Gravatar functionality

The Gravatar integration for adding a custom avatar to your user account has been dropped. We will consider adding a custom gravatar to the Fotoware ecosystem in the future.

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