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March 2024 update

Learn what's included in the March 2024 update for Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - March 2024 update   


This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

Note: We advise every user to update their FWDT version to avoid issues when using it with integrations such as the Microsoft Office Plugin.

New functionality

  • User lockout
    This is a built-in security improvement for customers who use a username and password to log in to Fotoware SaaS.  After 10 failed login attempts (incorrect username or password), users are temporarily locked out for one hour. This restriction does not apply to users using SSO.
  • New placeholder icons
    There are new placeholder icons for all assets that do not have a preview available for display in the thumbnail or asset detail view. Additionally, the icons for video and audio transcoding have been modernized. 
  • Metadata fields related to date and time display a time zone indicator
    If a time zone indicator is specified in metadata fields related to date and time, those fields will display a time zone indicator. The data input remains the same; however, the original date of an asset will be clear with this extra information. If no time zone designator (UTC -05:00, for example) is specified in the metadata, then Fotoware does not make an assumption about the time zone.

Known issues

  • The Selection Widget will not open archives or albums when the following conditions are met:
    • The archive has a metadata view which includes at least one bag field as a thumbnail field. 
    • The bag field contains a short date format (2024-03-22) or ISO date format as a single value. 
  • In the Pro interface, the zoom function doesn't work for multi-page documents. Zoom works as expected for other assets in the Pro interface.
  • In the Pro interface, alerts are created with the wrong query when searching for From/To numbers or dates. This functionality works as expected in the Main interface.
  • The Taxonomy API allows the creation of taxonomy items with invalid search expressions.
  • When you set up a taxonomy for a new field and add it to a metadata view, a Taxonomy is invalid error message appears when you select an item in the navigation list.
  • When you upload an asset file with a JSON metadata file using the legacy upload API, it fails. Uploading an asset file without a JSON metadata file works as expected.
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