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November 2023 update

Learn what's included in the November 2023 update for Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - November 2023 update   


This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

New functionality

Fixed issues 

  • Previously, if the metadata field value was long, the content extended outside the field and onto the image on the preview page. 
  • In the Selection Widget, when you searched in the Taxonomy filters panel, the Taxonomy filters panel disappeared and no search results were displayed. 
  • Add metadata criteria in Extended search did not work for read-only built-in fields. 
  • Collapsed folders and filters were expanded after you searched for a taxonomy filter.
  • If you made changes to a SmartFolder and then renamed the SmartFolder, the changes you made disappeared. 
  • In the Pro interface, an asset was displayed with a small preview after you changed the Rating and Status filters. 
  • There were minor layout issues with some dialogs when using FotoWeb in Finnish. 
  • In documents with more than 25 pages, pages after page 25 were not displayed. 


  • In the Pro interface, the appearance and behavior of asset details tabs are improved. 

Known issue

  • When you try to open an asset preview by selecting a thumbnail in a public album, the preview is not displayed; instead, you are prompted to log in.
    However, you can download the asset by selecting the checkmark icon on the thumbnail and then selecting Download (as outlined in the example below).
    We are working on a fix for this issue and expect it to be available in the upcoming December hotfix


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