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October 2022 update

Learn what's included in the October 2022 update of Fotoware SaaS.

Fotoware as a Service - October 2022 update 


This release is being gradually deployed and will be available on all tenants soon. 

New functionality


  • Additional configuration options have been moved from the Silverlight-based configuration interface into Site Configuration.
  • Session management:  Users with the Manage users and security permission can now see and terminate user sessions in Site Configuration.

Fixed issues

  • An error message is no longer displayed when you select the Shopping cart icon.
  • When using consent management, you can no longer upload unsupported file types when adding a signature.
  • The Crop & download permission can now be given to users in a shared album with the Download sharing option when the album owner has the Crop & download permission in the originating archive.
  • Emails to the Site Owner to approve a new sign-up are no longer sent out before the signup process has been completed.
  • A 404 error no longer appears when you search for a taxonomy item and activate it from the result.
  • When you upload a field using the Selection widget, a notification appears when the upload successfully finishes. 
  • In the Pro interface you can now copy text from read-only metadata fields.
  • You can once again copy and paste multiple e-mail addresses (from Excel or Notepad, for example) into the Share with field when sharing a Fotoware Album.
  • The Set cover icon is removed and Guest users can no longer change the archive cover image. 
  • Markers are now shown as expected again when using before or after date with offsets, for example: now-P30D.
  • Timestamps in the Manage Webhooks table (in Site Configuration) are now displayed in the 24-hour format instead of the 12-hour format.

Known issues

  • When uploading a large file in the main Fotoware interface, sometimes the upload appears to fail and you are given the option to retry even though the file has been successfully uploaded. This issue will be fixed as part of a hotfix.
  • The Selection widget has introduced the option to resize thumbnails. The default size is medium, which is larger than in previous versions. This default thumbnail size is too large for some uses of the Selection widget. If you resize the thumbnail, your selection is not remembered. This issue will be fixed as part of a hotfix. 
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