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Approving signed-up users

When FotoWeb's online signup has been configured to require administrator approval of new users, users with the rights to approve pending signups will see a notification of pending sign-ups in the top right corner next to the Tools menu cogwheel icon.

Go to Tools > Pending Sign-ups, to see an overview of any signups pending.



Here, you can approve or reject users. 

To see all the information entered by a user, select More Info. The administrator can also change this information as required.

FotoWeb pending signups.png


Assigning groups

When approving a user, the person approving the signed-up user may be allowed to add the user to additional groups. This option can be set in the Signup settings in the FotoWeb site configuration. Contact Fotoware for assistance in setting this up.

Note: If signed-up users are not added to groups (other than the mandatory Everyone and Registered Users groups), they will be assigned an Editor license.

When completing the operation, an email will be sent to the user to let them know the account has been created and is ready for use. Users that are rejected will not be notified.