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Creating alerts (search agents) in FotoWeb

How to create alerts to be notified when files that match certain search criteria are added to an archive in your DAM system.

How alerts work

Alerts, or search agents, as they're commonly called, are user defined queries that are stored and repeated at a set interval. This way, FotoWeb can be set to look for new content in an archive and give users a heads-up via email when new content that matches the search arrives in the archive.

Alerts are issued by email to the registered user's email address.

Creating an alert

After performing a search in the main FotoWeb interface, the user can click on Create alert on the right hand side of the breadcrumb area above the grid.

Create alert link in FotoWeb Main UI.png

A message that the alert has been created appears at the bottom of the browser window, and the user may click on Modify to change the search syntax and the notification frequency.

Tip: If the notification disappears too quickly, click on the Alerts link at the top of the screen to view and edit any alert that has been created.

Setting alert frequency

To modify an alert, click on the Alerts bell in the top banner and click on the pencil icon next to the alert you want to modify.

Alert list in FotoWeb Main UI.png

When setting alert frequency, you can choose to have an alert issued Immediately, up to an interval of Every month. This controls how often the user receives emails with links to new assets that match the criteria. So if you'd like to receive a daily update of new content that has come in, you can create an alert with a frequency of Every day.
Click on Save to update the alert.

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