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Creating a screen for picture conferencing (Legacy)

How to create a screen to which users can submit pictures to do group picture evaluations.

Legacy note:

This feature was discontinued on July 1, 2021. Versions released after that date don't contain this feature.

Creating a screen

To create a screen, first go to your FotoWeb site.

If you see the login page, click on the Screens icon in the lower right corner and then choose Create screen:

If you see the Home page with archives and albums, click on the wrench in the top right corner and then choose Create screen.

Name screen.png

Name the screen to allow users to tell it apart from any other active screens on the system, then click on Show to run the browser in full-screen mode.

Note: Certain browsers (such as Chrome) require you to allow full-screen mode. Follow the instructions given by your browser to allow this.

Now that the screen has been created, you can send files to it from an iPhone, an Android device or an iPad.

Hot tip: From an iPad you can even start a slideshow of your selected pictures that runs on your designated screen
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