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Adding a click action to the picture


How to add a click action to a picture that's being exported to a CMS so that you can download the file or navigate to a specific URL.

Adding a click action

Select Action to add a click action to the picture.

The Download file action in CMS export redirects to the preview page of the exported asset, where users can download the asset using the Download action. It may require authentication (if the original archive is not public) and permission to download.

A click action is useful when you want the browser to perform a special operation when you click on the picture embedded in your CMS. You have the following choices:

  • Download file - Redirects to a preview page for the original asset in the Fotoware archive where you can use the Download action to download the file. 
  • Navigate to URL - Redirects your browser to the URL you specified. If you want the link to open in a new window or browser tab, select New Window.
Note: Click actions are only available if you embed the complete output iframe code from FotoWeb. By simply embedding the image URL you will lose this functionality.
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