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Exporting a picture to your CMS

How to pick a file and start the CMS export module to set your export preferences.

How to export an asset to your CMS

To export a picture for use on your CMS, select it in the grid and choose Export in the action bar. You can only export a single asset at a time. If multiple files are selected in the grid, the Export button will not show. You can also export a picture from the Details page by selecting Action  and choosing Export.

Exporting assets in FotoWeb Pro

Select the file you want to export and then open the Asset information panel by pressing T on the keyboard.

Then click on the CMS export button at the bottom of the Information tab to start the export wizard.

Tuning the exported picture

The export dialog that appears allows you to tune the exported picture to appear exactly the way you want it to on your CMS.

The following adjustments can be made:

In addition to these points, you can store a number of adjustments as a preset for use later. A site administrator can also share these presets with other users on the system who have access to the CMS export module.

Note: The site administrator may have reduced the number of adjustment options available in the CMS export dialog.

Publishing the ready-tuned picture

Having made your adjustments, select Publish to create a permalink to the picture for use in your CMS.

When a file is exported, two types of JPEG output are created. The first is a direct link to the file that can be added in an IMG tag in your CMS system, while the other is an HTML iframe block that is required for any special effects that you choose when setting your options. (Specifically, the settings found under the CaptionAction, and Behavior tabs in the export module require the iframe version.)

Important: The pictures exported from the CMS module will be stripped of the XMP metadata that was stored in the original file to reduce the size of the file and make it load faster on the site where it's embedded. This is also a security measure that prevents potentially sensitive metadata being released publicly.

Creating several exports of the same picture

A single picture can be exported several times for use in different places in your CMS. To do so, click on the Export link below the thumbnail on the grid page or in the left side panel on the preview page. This makes it possible to create several versions of a picture for different uses on your CMS system. You can for example, change the size or crop of the picture based on its intended usage.