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Cropping and sizing pictures for use on a CMS


How to set picture size and crop frame for pictures exported for use on a CMS.

Crop and size for CMS

Getting the picture size right is important when exporting a picture to a web CMS. While the original picture in the Fotoware system may be several megabytes in size, if you plan to publish the picture on the web you will need to change its size both to accommodate the space set aside for the image block in your CMS and to reduce download speed.

First off, click on Size & Crop. If you know the exact height and width values required by your CMS you can type them in directly. Then, the aspect will be locked to those values when you drag a crop frame across the picture. However, it is possible to e.g. only lock the width and let the aspect of the crop frame decide the corresponding height by only entering a value in the width field.

Rotating and moving the crop frame

Having made a crop frame you can rotate the crop by placing the mouse pointer outside the crop frame and dragging the frame. Guidelines are available to help you line up the frame. You can also move the crop frame by placing the pointer inside the frame and dragging.

If you don't need to crop the picture but would only like to set the output size, you can just change the values in the Width or Height field.

When you're done, simply click Apply and Back to store your crop and size settings. If you'd like to undo all crop and size settings and revert to the original picture, click on the Reset button and then click on Apply and Back.

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