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Changing the expiry date of an exported picture


How to change the expiry date of a picture exported for use in a CMS.

Changing the expiry date of an exported picture

Sometimes it may be practical to be able to change a picture's expiry date. For instance, you may be using purchased pictures on your web site for which you only have usage rights in a certain period of time before the license has to be renewed. Supposing you have renewed such a license and want to extend the period of time which the picture is featured on the site. You can do that by opening the export management tool and clicking on the blue Calendar button next to the picture. Then simply use the calendar view to set a new expiry date. To remove the expiry date altogether and make the picture feature permanently, click on the Clear button. Then click on Apply to save the changes. To close the window without saving your changes, click on the Close button.

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