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Uploading an asset using the Selection widget

This topic explains how to upload a picture from your desktop to FotoWeb using the Selection widget. This way you can place that picture directly in an article in your CMS afterwards.

How to upload files using the Selection widget

  • After opening the FotoWeb Selection widget from your CMS, click on the Upload tab.
  • Now drag one or more files from your desktop into the upload area (the dotted blue box) or click on the Browse link to locate the files on your computer.
  • Choose the archive to upload the assets from the dropdown list just above the upload area. This will list all the areas you have upload access and, depending on how the system has been configured, you may also be able to select a subfolder.
  • Now you may need to fill in certain metadata fields. This metadata will be written to all the files in the upload queue.
    Any metadata already in the files will be appended, not overwritten.
    Yellow metadata fields are required, meaning you will not be able to start uploading unless you have filled the fields in.
  • When you've added all files to the upload queue and added metadata, click on Upload to start uploading the files to the server.

Selection widget in WordPress (Upload tab).png

When the upload completes you can go to the Archives tab and locate the archive you uploaded to where you will find the uploaded files. Then click on Select to place that asset in your CMS.

Note to administrators

The metadata fields that are shown when a user chooses the archive to upload to are based on the metadata set that has been assigned to the archive. By modifying that metadata set you can choose to make some fields required wile others are optional.

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