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Uploading files from a mobile device

Learn how to upload pictures and videos to the FotoWeb server from your mobile phone or tablet.

How upload from mobile devices works

You can use the Fotoware Mobile app for iPhone or Android to upload photos and videos from your smartphone or tablet using the FotoWeb app.

Note:  The maximum file size you can upload is 25 GB.

Some mobile devices can store pictures from an SD card in its camera roll using an SD card adapter, in which case you can transfer pictures and video taken with your DSLR to the mobile device and then upload them to FotoWeb using either a WiFi or a 3G/4G connection (be wary of data costs).

Typically when you upload files to an archive, you will be required to fill out certain metadata fields in the process to make it possible to find and retrieve the assets later. If some of the fields have been made required, you may not upload files unless those required fields are filled in.

Furthermore, alerts, or search agents, can be configured on the server to notify users when new files come in that match certain criteria. Hence, the system can be configured in such a way that if you tag the file with a certain keyword,  user on the receiving end can be notified when the file arrives.

If you're using FotoWeb for iPhone or Android devices, learn how to select and upload files in this article.