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Which metadata fields does FotoWeb write information to when a user uploads files?

To allow tracking of users who have contributed files to the DAM system, FotoWeb writes usage information to all files uploaded to the system by authenticated users. A unique document ID is also added to each asset if it does not already exist. The fields are shown in the table below.

Field ID

Field name


#187 Document Unique ID A unique ID will be set if it has not been set already.


Uploaded by

User name (login name) of uploader


Uploaded by (full name)

The full name of the person uploading


Upload time

Date and time of upload


The content in these fields can be edited by adding them to a metadata set (remember to allow Edit rights for the fields) and assigning it to an archive with upload rights. Then, the user (or API client) can specify them when uploading files.

If a user leaves a field empty, it will be empty after upload.

If an API client does not specify field content, the content will default as outlined in the above table.