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Running a slideshow on a FotoWeb screen (Legacy)

Legacy note:

This feature was discontinued on July 1, 2021. Versions released after that date don't contain this feature.


How to pick files in FotoWeb for iPad and display them in a slideshow on a FotoWeb screen.

What are screens?

Using a computer in your network you can access your FotoWeb server (it has to be the same server that your iPad is connected to) and create a "Screen" from the login page. Anyone can then use FotoWeb on their iPhone or Android phone or iPad to send pictures to that screen for review, whether on the internal Wi-Fi zone or on a data connection (assuming the FotoWeb can be accessed from the outside network.)

Creating a screenEdit section

  • First off, go to your FotoWeb site on the machine that hosts the physical display you want to show pictures on.
  • Click on the wrench icon in the top right of the screen and choose Create screen. Depending on how the site has been configured you may have to log in first to be allowed to create a screen.
  • Now name your screen. ("John's office monitor")

Picking pictures to display in the slidehow

When you've found the pictures you want to display in your slideshow, click on the selector tool in the top right corner on the grid page and select the files you want to use.

Next, choose Play on screen in the top menu on the iPad and choose the screen you selected. The slideshow then starts immediately and changes frames at regular intervals. You can also use the controls in the lower left area of the screen to pause the slideshow and navigate back and forth.

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