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Searching for assets on iPad


How to search for assets on the FotoWeb server using FotoWeb for iPad


To search for files, tap in the search field in the top bar and type in a search word. If you type in several words, FotoWeb will search for files that contain all of the words, but not necessarily in the exact order that they were typed (also known as an AND-search).
FotoWeb will then search all the archives that your logged-in user has access to and return a list of all the archives where the search resulted in hits.

If you're in a certain archive when you perform the search, the results for that archive will be shown. You can then tap on the Archives icon to go back up to the archive level and see search results in other archives.

The app will also save your search history so that when performing a future search you can easily click on one of your previous searches to perform it again. The search history will also be filtered as you type to display searches that match what you seem to be typing. 

 Tip: When the list of archives with the search results is displayed, swipe down to refresh the search.

Viewing the search results 

To display the found files in an archive, tap on the archive you would like to open in the list. This will open a thumbnail grid view of the files found in that archive. You can tilt the device to display the grid in landscape mode. Then to get back to the archives list, touch the Archives link near the top left corner.


When you've found the assets you were looking for, you can:

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