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Command-line installation a Fotoware plugin for an Adobe product


This article explains how to manually install and activate an Adobe plugin from the Windows or Mac Command Prompt/Terminal.

Note that the preferred way to install Adobe plugins is starting the installation from the system tray icon after installation of FotoWeb Desktop. This topic explains how to install a specific version of a Fotoware plugin for Adobe using Adobe's own command-line utility.

Locating the Adobe Extension Manager Utility

The Adobe Extension Manager command-line utility is installed alongside FotoWeb Desktop.

Windows: You can find it by opening a Windows terminal and changing directories as follows:

cd "\Program Files (x86)\FotoWare\FotoWeb Desktop 8.0\Exman"


cd "/Applications/FotoWeb"


Verifying the currently installed version of the plugin

To verify the version of a plugin that is currently installed, run the following command:


exmancmd /list all


./ExManCmd --list all


The output lists all plugins currently installed for your current versions of Adobe products, along with any Fotoware extensions at the bottom of the list.

1 extension installed for Photoshop 2020 64 (ver 21.2.4)
 Status                        Extension Name                         Version
=========  =======================================================  ==========
 Enabled    com.fotoware.pswidget                                       1.0.11

Installing a newer version of a plugin

To manually install a new version of a plugin, download the zxp file and place it somewhere on the local drive where you can refer to it.

You can obtain the latest plugins (zxp) by following these links:

Also, make sure all Adobe programs are closed before proceeding.

Then type the following in the terminal:


exmancmd /install <path to zxp file>


sudo ./ExManCmd --install <path to zxp file>

If an older version of a plugin is already installed, it will be automatically replaced when the newer version is installed.

When the installation completes there will be a notification in the terminal that the installation was successful.