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Enabling the Fotoware plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer

Note: This functionality is only available for Editor users. 

After installing the Fotoware plugins, you can enable the Adobe Creative Cloud plugins. 

Right-click the Fotoware tray icon and choose Install Fotoware Extensions for Adobe CC...

Install FotoWare plugins using system tray icon.png

The installer checks whether Photoshop, InDesign, or both are installed on the computer, and installs extensions accordingly.


  • You need local administrative privileges on the computer to install the extension.
  • Before you can use the InDesign extension, your Fotoware site administrator needs to grant you InDesign Editor permissions through FotoWeb group membership. You also need Place permission on the archive from which you're adding content to InDesign.
  • To check out files from an archive in the Photoshop extension, you need Open access on the archive(s) in question. Checking an asset back in on the server works without having explicit upload access to the archive. However, if you create new content in Photoshop you will need Upload access to upload that file to Fotoware.

After the installation, the extension is ready for use.