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How to edit metadata in Fotoware Pro

Accessing the metadata panel

The metadata panel is available by clicking the information icon in the upper right corner above the grid. This opens the Asset information panel (keyboard shortcut T).

When the panel is opened, the File Information tab is opened first. Here, you findTitle, Rating, Keywords, Notes, and other relevant information about the selected assets.

Clicking in any of these fields opens the field for editing. When you're done editing, press Shift-Enter to store the updated information.

Adding a note to an asset

You can add a note to a single asset or a whole range by making a selection and opening the Asset Information panel (keyboard shortcut T). Then go to the first of the three tabs - the Information tab.
Enter the information you want to attach and press Shift-Enter to store the note.

Editing the metadata of a single asset or a selection of assets

To edit metadata in a file or a selection of files, first make your selection and then press Shift-W on the keyboard. This is similar to opening the metadata panel and then clicking on the tab with the pen icon.

Click in the field you want to edit (or, if you prefer working exclusively with the keyboard, use the Tab key to jump to the field) and start typing. When you're done, click on the OK button to update the changes or click on Cancel to discard any of your changes. You can also press Shift-Enter to save the current state of all fields.

Tip: Press Alt-Enter to store the entered metadata on the current asset and automatically move on to edit metadata for the next asset in the grid.

Note: Some fields may be read-only based on how the associated metadata set has been configured.

How to control which fields can be edited?

Each archive has a metadata set applied to it. This set contains the fields that users can see and may also give users access to modify the content of some or all the fields in the definition. For information about how to create a metadata view and assign it to an archive, see Creating a metadata view.

Fields containing tags

Some fields, such as keyword fields and certain category fields, are so-called "bags" that can contain any number of keywords. In these fields, each entry is marked with a little tag, indicating that you can add extra tags by typing in a new one and pressing Enter for every new entry.

Tip: If you've tagged one file there's a powerful way you can add those tags quickly to all the other assets in a selection.

Fields that have different values

If you're about to add metadata to assets that have different values in certain fields, the metadata panel will display Different values. If you choose not to modify these fields, each asset will retain its original value so that changes are only applied to the fields you actually edit (for example, you may only want to add a consistent set of keywords to all the files and leave all the other fields).

If you want to change the value of the fields with different values, click on the field. This opens a list containing all the different values from the different files in the selection so that you can choose which one to apply to all. If you don't want to use any existing values, clear the field and start typing a new description that will overwrite the existing content of that field in all the selected files.

Time and date fields 

When you edit a time or date field, you can edit (or remove) the time zone indicator for the field. Metadata fields related to date and time will display a time zone indicator in view mode if the time zone is specified in the metadata. If a time zone indicator is not specified in the metadata, then metadata fields related to date and time will not display a time zone indicator in view mode. 


In view mode, time is calculated according to the local (browser) time, whereas the time zone indicator displays the original time zone entered.

Adding metadata from a taxonomy

Based on how the archive has been set up, there may be several fields in the metadata panel that have a taxonomy lookup enabled.

Clicking on the taxonomy icon displays a list of predefined metadata entries you can choose from. Learn more about using taxonomies for metadata input.

When you're finished adding metadata, make sure to select OK to save the changes.