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Introduction to the FotoWeb Pro interface

Get a quick overview of the Pro interface before you get started. This topic contains links to the associated topics to help you navigate the user documentation.

Accessing the Pro interface

When a user logs in to FotoWeb, they can access the Pro interface by clicking on the Pro link in the top menu.

You can also bookmark the Pro interface in the web browser for direct access: https://<hostname>

To get from the Pro interface to the Main interface, select the FotoWeb logo in the top left corner. Then, to get back to the Pro interface click on the Pro link in the top menu in the main interface.

The Pro interface at a glance


The screenshot above shows you what the Pro interface typically looks like when you've opened an archive for viewing.

Search bar

At the top of the screen is a large search bar where you can enter searches. For more information about searching, see Searching for files in the Pro interface.

Archives, Folders and Filters

The left side panel contains the archives you have access to. Using the filter field, you can start typing an archive's name to display it quickly. This can prove very practical if the system has been configured with a large collection of different archives.

You can pin the archives you access most often - pinned items will be stored on the server so that you can access your favorites even if you log on from another machine or use another browser.

The Folders tab exposes the folder tree in the archive you're currently in. This is useful when filtering the content in your archives.

The Filters tab lets you apply metadata from taxonomies enabled in the archive. This is yet another useful way to filter the content in your archives.

Asset grid

When you open an archive, the contents are shown in the grid area in the middle of the screen. Clicking on another archive creates a new tab above the grid so you can switch between them. You can also close archives by selecting the X on the archive tab above the grid.

Different views can be selected in the grid to suit how you work.

TIP: Double-click a thumbnail to display a full-size preview. Or use the keyboard shortcut E. See a full list of keyboard shortcuts.

Adjusting grid size

Use the slider in the top right to adjust the size of the thumbnails. This is especially practical when playing back video files in the grid.

Tip: When you open an archive the tab displays a little folder icon to indicate that you are browsing the entire contents of that archive. If you perform a search that generates hits, on the other hand, the archives that have search hits will display a little magnifying glass on the header to let you know that you're only seeing the search results.

Asset information panel

Above the grid and to the right is the asset information panel. Expand it by clicking on it. This panel gives you access to edit metadata and add comments to assets. for more information about editing metadata using the Pro interface, see Editing metadata.


The right side panel contains the actions that have been configured on the site. Actions can be used to copy or move assets to another location, to update metadata in assets, either automatically using a preset macro or by allowing you as a user to input metadata, or to exchange data about assets in the Fotoware system with other systems using webhooks, a common type of integration between web-based systems. 

Some actions are quick, no-questions-asked-workflows, while others may require you to enter additional information. It all depends on how your system administrator has configured the system to fit the workflow in your organization.


Albums are collections of assets you can create on demand and share with other FotoWeb users or external users. Learn more about using albums.

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