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Commenting on assets

Using the Comments feature in the FotoWeb Pro interface's Asset Information panel you can add comments on assets in the archives that your coworkers will be able to see and add return comments to.

Adding comments to an asset

To add a comment to an asset, click on it and open up the Asset information panel (press T). Select the Comments tab and then click on the speech bubble tab.

Now you can add a comment to the asset, and it's possible to drop additional assets in to add those to your comment. This way you can for example ask other users of the system if they would prefer using one picture over another.

When they comment back they can suggest additional assets in the system by dragging them into their comments.

Note: you can only add comments to a single asset at a time. When multiple assets are selected the comments panel will not be available.

Important: When copying or moving assets, comments are not included. When deleting a file, comments will be removed from the system after a while. In the meantime it is possible to replace the deleted file with another file to retain the comments. This is meant as a safety precaution to avoid accidental data loss.

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