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Filtering content by status and rating

When working with large archives or search results you will find it useful to be able to filter content by asset status and rating.

Applying status and rating filters

Above the grid are two controls that let you apply filters for status and rating. These filters can be combined and applied to an archive or a search result.

Important: These filters do not change the rating and status of the assets in your archives, they only control which files you actually see based on the filter you have applied.

To apply a status filter, click on a color in the status filter control. Note how that filter is also added to the search query in the search field. You can now apply more filtering by choosing to also see files that match another status. In other words, ticking two status settings in the filter shows files that match either one of the selected status levels.

A rating filter is applied in the same way; simply tick off the star ratings you want to display. For example, to display

files that have a four or five star rating, tick the fourth and fifth star in the rating control. Notice how the rating is also added to the search field above.​

Tip: Having performed a search and filtered it by status and/or rating you can bookmark that search for later.