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Bookmarking searches


Bookmarks are shortcuts to a search you have performed or an archive you browse with additional filters applied. Filters include your choice of folders in the Folders panel, Taxonomy filtering, and Status and Rating filtering. Thus it becomes a dynamically updated collection of assets that are available through a single click. A site administrator who's logged in can share bookmarks to make a dynamically updating collection of assets available to other users or groups. Read on to learn how.

Creating a bookmark

When a user is browsing an archive or has performed a search, he can filter the content of a tab using the folder browser panel and taxonomy, as well as add status and rating filtering. The combined result of this can be added as a bookmark that will dynamically update when new content arrives that matches the filter. (A user has to click on the created bookmark to see the content it returns.)

To create the bookmark, the user sets his filter preferences and then drags the tab up to the area above the grid reserved for bookmarks. A dotted area will appear with a label saying "Drop here to create bookmark". This will store the search and any status and rating filter you've applied to that search.

To refresh the content of the search, simply click on the new bookmark button that appears at the top.

Note: The number of bookmarks that are shown in the bookmarks area depends on the screen resolution. If there are more bookmarks than the screen can hold, there will be an "overflow" button labeled More that allows a user to open additonal bookmarks. 

Easy access to frequently used bookmarks

If there are more bookmarks created than fit on your screen, you can click on the More button to view a list of additional bookmarks. Then simply drag your most used bookmarks to the left part of the bookmarks area to prioritize it for one-click access.

Editing a bookmark

When hovering over a created bookmark, click on the pencil icon to change the bookmark's name.

Deleting a bookmark

To delete a bookmark, hover over it and click on the X icon. This will delete the bookmark and remove it from the toolbar of all the users with which it has been shared.

Sharing a bookmark

If you're logged in with an account that has site administrator privileges you can even share bookmarks with other users.