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Navigating folders

Learn how to effectively use the folder navigation in FotoWeb Pro to view and filter archive content.

Selecting folders in the folder tree

The Folders tab next to Archives makes it possible to expose the folder structure in the currently selected archive.

Click on the + next to each folder level to expand it and view the underlying folder structure. Clicking on a folder displays the files in that folder.

Note: The system administrator controls whether folder navigation is available in archives.

Displaying the content of one or more folders

Using the Ctrl / Cmd key you can select several different folders and display the files that are stored in these specific folders.

In fact, this is similar to performing a complex search query that includes several folders, and can prove a valuable way to get a full overview of content stored at different levels in the hierarchy.

Selecting a folder and all its subfolders

Press the Shift key when clicking a folder to make FotoWeb display the contents of that folder and all its child folders. A little icon next to the selected folder indicates that child folders have also been selected.

Tip: Having selected a whole folder hierarchy this way you can keep on using combinations of Ctrl and Ctrl-Shift to select additional individual folders or hierarchical structures elsewhere in the folder tree.

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