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Renaming assets in Fotoware Pro


To rename an asset, first select it in the grid. Then open the Asset Information panel (keyboard shortcut T) and click on the Pencil button at the bottom of the panel to rename the file.

FotoWeb Pro Info panel - Renaming files.png

In the dialog that opens, you can enter a new name for the asset. Select Rename to save the change.

Note that the asset's original extension will always be preserved.

Tip: By selecting several assets and using the renaming function as outlined above, you can enter a prefix which will be common for all the files that are being renamed. FotoWeb will automatically add running numbers to the renamed files to give them unique names.

Preservation of album links when assets are renamed

If an asset has been added to an album, the asset's file name links it to the album. When renaming files in FotoWeb that have been added to an album, FotoWeb also updates the album's link to the file with the new filename.

However, if an external system is used to rename an asset in a FotoWeb album, the asset will disappear.