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Extended search (Fotoware Pro)


To use extended search, select the (...) icon to the far right in the search field.

FotoWeb Pro Extended search dialog with red frame.png

In the dialog that opens, you can specify the precise criteria to search for. You can search in specific fields, within a specific time interval, etc. When you have made your selection, select Search to pass the search to the server and retrieve the results.

Which fields can be searched in?

The fields available in the Extended search dialog depend on the fields that have been added to the metadata set associated with the archive. If you require additional fields, contact the FotoWeb administrator.

How multiple search words are combined

If you specify multiple metadata criteria, different values in the same field are combined with OR, while fields are combined with AND.


The screenshot below shows a search for two words in the same field (Keywords - field 25). This search will be interpreted as "foo" OR "bar".

Combined extended search example.png

If you were to add a search for the word "hello" in the Title field (field number 5) to the query above, the entire search will be interpreted as: (5:hello) AND (25:foo OR 25:bar), because different fields are always combined with AND in the Extended search dialog.

Search expressions that are typed explicitly into the Search field in the FotoWeb grid behave differently from the Extended search dialog described above:
When searching for 5:hello 25:foo 25:bar in the FotoWeb search field, there is always an implicit AND between all predicates.

The AND/OR rule described above applies only to the Extended search dialog and query strings.

For more information, study the Search Expressions reference.