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Selecting files

The file selection described below works the same no matter which view type you are currently using.

Selecting files using the mouse

When making selections with the mouse, you have the possibility to use modifier keys to make multi-file selection.

The modifier keys work the same way they do in the Explorer in Windows / Finder on Mac and will adjust automatically based on which platform your web browser runs on.

Selecting individual files

To select individual files, press Ctrl / Cmd while clicking the files you'd like to select.

Selecting a range of files

To select a whole range of files, click on the first file in the series and press Shift and click the last file in the range.

Combining individual files with a range

If you've made a selection of individual files and want to add a range further down in the archive, for example, you can keep pressing the Ctrl / Cmd key, then click the first file in the range, and then press Ctrl-Shift and click the last file in the range. This will add these files to the existing selection.

However, if you're making big selections you may find it just as useful to temporarily pin your selected files as you go along.

Selecting all the files in the grid

To select all the files on a tab, press Ctrl-A. Note that a maximum of 300 files can be selected this way.

Navigating using a keyboard

You may find that you can navigate much faster using the keyboard than with the mouse when making selections. 

The arrow keys let you move from one thumbnail to the other, and you can make selections by pressing Ctrl / Cmd and combining it with Space to select files.

Selecting a range of files

Having selected the first file in a range you can press Ctrl / Cmd while moving to the last file in the range with the arrow keys and them press Ctrl-Shift-Space to select the entire range.

Tip: Keyboard shortcuts

Press the ? key on the keyboard to bring up a complete list of keyboard shortcuts available in the FotoWeb Pro interface.