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Sending files to workflows

Learn how to use actions to process files in workflows in the Pro interface.

Adding assets to a workflow queue

The workflow outputs, called actions, are located in the right side panel in the interface. When you have made a selection of files you can simply then across to an action to add them to the queue. You can also add more files to the queue if you wish, and you can remove individual files by clicking on the X that appears when you hover over one of the thumbnails in the queue.

Running the action

When you's ready to process the files in the queue, click on the green Play icon in the action to process the files. You may be asked to enter metadata or provide other types of input based on how the action has been configured.

Quick processing with actions

If you've made a selection of assets and just want to process them immediately, click can click on the flash icon next to an action. This will process the selected files in the action immediately.

Tip: If you have a selection of files that should be processed in different actions, you can use the file picker to get a better overview of which files have been assigned and which remain.

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