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Selecting assets

When browsing an archive, or after you have performed a search, you will want to select files to do something with them.

Selecting individual files

Below each thumbnail is a filename and a checkmark. click on that checkmark to select an individual file. To select multiple individual files, you can press the Ctrl-key while clicking all the files you would like to select. (Use the Command key on a Mac.) Selected files are enclosed in a blue frame, as shown in the screenshot

Selecting assets in FotoWeb main UI.png

When one or more files have been selected a menu of available actions will show at the bottom of the screen. The available actions will vary based on the privileges you have been given in the archive.

Selecting a range of files

You can easily select a whole range of files by clicking on the checkmark to select the first file in the range and then pressing the Shift key while clicking the last file. Thus, all the files in between will also be selected.

Tip: When you're in the process of selecting files, you're free to click on a thumbnail to open the Details page and get a bigger preview of it. You can then use the Back button in your browser to get back to the grid - your initial selection will still remain intact.

Modifying your selection

When files are selected, the number of selected files is shown on the actions menu at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking on the encircled arrow next to it you can see all the files and individually remove files from your selection.
You can also deselect a file by Ctrl-clicking it in the grid.

Change selection in FotoWeb main UI.png

To quickly clear your entire selection, click on the Clear link.

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