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Keyboard shortcuts in FotoWeb

When working with assets in the FotoWeb interface in your browser, there are some keyboard shortcuts that can help you perform operations more quickly.

If you're using FotoWeb Pro, there are other keyboard shortcuts for that interface.

Modifying a selection

Keyboard key

What it does

Ctrl-click (Command-click on Mac)

Select individual file in grid. Note that the first file has t be selected using the checkmark.

Ctrl/Command-Enter can be used to select an asset that's in focus, for the times you use keyboard navigation exclusively.



Select a range: Ctrl-click the first file your selection, then Shift-click the last file to select the entire range.

Editing metadata

Keyboard key

What it does


Cancel editing


Save metadata

Tab / Shift-tab

Jump to next / previous metadata field

Navigation on the Details page

Keyboard key

What it does

Right and Left arrow keys

Navigate to next / previous asset on Details page

Down / Up arrow keys

Navigate to next/previous page in multi-page documents (PDF/Word/PowerPoint)

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