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Pinning assets


When making selections, it can be practical to quickly mark files so they can be reviewed later, or to keep a selection of your favorite assets. This can be accomplished using pins. Your pinned assets are personal, so that different user can create their own collections of favorite assets.

To pin an asset in the thumbnail grid, select the pin icon on the left of the asset's file name. The pin turns red to indicate it has been set.

Tip: To un-pin an asset, select the red pin again to toggle the pinned state.

FotoWeb pinned asset.png

An asset can also be pinned from the Asset Details page by selecting the pin icon next to the asset title:

FotoWeb pinned asset on Details page.png

Getting an overview of all pinned assets

To get a complete overview of all the assets you have pinned in FotoWeb, select PINS. In FotoWeb Pro, pinned assets are kept in the Pins tray at the bottom of the screen.

FotoWeb Pins area.png

Tip: Pinned assets are synced between FotoWeb and FotoWeb Pro, so if you can access both user interfaces, your pins are available in both.

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