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Processing assets using Actions

Your system may have been configured with a variety of different so-called actions that process pictures, transfer files and perform other workflow operations. This topic explains the basics of how such workflows are used and how they work.

Note: Workflows are configured individually for each FotoWeb site.

Choosing files to process in a workflow

To process files in a workflow, start by making a selection of files. Then click on the Action button and choose the action that you want to use to process the asset(s). Based on how the action has been configured, the asset may be processed immediately or it may require you to input various types of information, for example by filling out certain metadata fields, before the files are processed.

Actions that have been made available on the action bar

Your system administrator may also have made some actions available for one-click access using a dedicated button on the action bar (a so-called Quick Workflow)

This way, you can simply make a selection of assets and click on the correct action in the action bar to process. These quick actions can be color coded to stand out from the other buttons in the action bar.

Note: When an action has been made available on the action bar, you will not find it on the Actions menu.

Actions requiring user input

Some actions are "one-click" actions, which means you simply trigger them and the selected files are immediately processed. Other actions may require various types of user input, for example for renaming files, adding prefixes, adding or editing metadata and so on.

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