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Quickly downloading an image preview using Quick Renditions

Here's how to quickly request a preview of an image asset at a size predefined by the site administrator. 

How Quick Renditions work

If the site administrator has defined Quick Renditions for an archive, you can request a preview of an image asset at any size the administrator has predefined. FotoWeb will resize the picture on the fly and deliver it in an overlay window in the browser to allow you to drag it directly to your desktop.

Note: The site admin may have configured watermarking of the downloadable previews.

Downloading a preview

In the main FotoWeb interface, click on a thumbnail in an archive to open the Details page. The Quick Renditions section is located below the image title to the left of the preview.


When you click on the size you would like to download, FotoWeb creates the preview in the given size on the fly and opens it in an overlay on the Asset Details page.
Drag it to your desktop to store it locally.


Did you know:

The requested quick rendition can also be dragged from the web browser to a local application, such as a document or a presentation. Try it!

If you're using Microsoft Office in Windows, the plugin for Microsoft Office offers greater control and more functionality when inserting pictures and graphics into your documents.

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