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Archives are collections which represent physical folders containing physical files. Every FotoWeb site can have zero or more archives, which can be set up using the FotoWeb configuration interface. For more information, see here.

The Archive List

An API client can discover archives by requesting the archive list. The URL of the archive list should be obtained from the archives attribute of the API descriptor. This is recommended, because it always refers to the list of archives accessible by the current user (or the list of all archives when using server-to-server authentication). Alternatively, the following entry points can be used directly:




Public Archive list


Private Archive list


Requesting the private archive list requires authentication. The public archive list is available without authentication, but only if guest access is enabled for the site, which requires a portal license. When using the archive list URL from the API descriptor, then the same authentication method must be used as for requesting the API descriptor.


The archive list can be requested as follows:

GET archive list URL
Accept: application/vnd.fotoware.collectionlist+json

The response is a collection list, where each collection element describes one archive with the data attribute being the URL of the photo stream of the archive, which contains all root folders and all assets.

If there are many collections on the server, then paging may split the archive list into multiple pages, and multiple requests must be used to get all archives.

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