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Automatically purging old or outdated content


How to automate purging of old or unusable content to avoid filling up drives or wasting space.

Automatic purging

In any workflow system, files are at different "stations" at different times, and you will need to run cleanup operations from time to time to make sure old or unused content is disposed of. You will of course also want to make sure that the content you do use is properly archived for retrieval later. This topic deals with the setting up of an automatic purge schedule so you won't have to manually monitor several network drives or folders for regular cleaning up.

How purging works

Color Factory has purging channels, monitored folders that it can be configured to clean up continuously or at given times or days of the week or month. Also, when purging occurs you can define filters that control which files are purged and whether the purged files are physically deleted from the drive or moved out to a separate location where e.g. a system admin gets to decide whether they should be permanently deleted or not.

Content can be purged based on the number of files in the watched folder, or the date stamps of the files therein. That way, you can for example delete content that is more than x number of days old.

The reference documentation contains more information about how you can configure a purging channel to work exactly the way you want it to.

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