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Configuring automatic purging

This topic deals with how to configure purging of old files to avoid filling your drives with old, unusable content.

To help automate purging of outdated files in the output folders, Color Factory lets you configure automatic file purging preferences. Thus you may set up a purging schedule and choose between deleting the files and moving them to a location where they may be backed up. A purging schedule may be configured, as may file filtering to control which files are purged.

Creating a purging channel

Where: Color Factory | Purging Channels

Click New Channel to create a new purging channel. Then select the folder to purge and click OK and name the channel. The purging channel will appear in the console tree under the Purging Channels entry. Click the channel you just created to display its settings.

Setting basic purging properties

Where: Color Factory | Purging Channels | Channel | Main options tab


In order to enable the purging channel, tick Channel is enabled at the bottom of the page. You may change the channel name and the path to the purging folder. By default only the selected folder is purged, but you may also enable purging of subfolders and optionally choose to delete the empty subfolders after purging.

In the Purge limits group you may set the rules governing when a folder will be purged. You may purge a folder when the number of files exceeds a preset amount and/or when files in the folder are older than a preset number of days or minutes – whichever comes first. Further, you may choose between deleting the files or moving them to a new location, for instance for backup purposes.

Setting a purging run schedule

Where: Color Factory | Purging Channels | Channel | Run schedule tab


Here you may set up a run schedule for the purging channel. Hence, Color Factory can check for files matching the purging criteria at a predefined time. The poll may be run with a time interval, or at a specified time every hour, day week or month.

Configuring a purging channel file filter

Where: Color Factory | Purging Channels | Channel | Name filters tab


Although basic purging criteria are set on the Main options tab of the urging channel, you may also configure a filename filter that has priority over the basic criteria. Hence, Color Factory will first scan the purging folder (optionally including subfolders) for files matching the name filter and then apply the basic criteria to the files found.

Use filename patterns when scanning for files: When enabled, you may enter file name patterns such as *.jpg, spo*.tif, etc. All special wildcards accepted by Windows may be utilized to scan for files.

Use filetype/extension when scanning for files: Here you have the option of e.g. excluding certain files found using the filename pattern scanning above. Add file extensions starting with the dot (i.e. .tif)

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