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Automatically enhancing picture contrast


This topic outlines the options available to control automatic enhancement of image contrast.

Contrast enhancement

Where: Channel | Color & Contrast | Contrast Enhancement tab

Auto contrast enhancement.jpg

By enabling SmartContrast™, Color Factory will automatically try to choose the best color enhancement out of the available algorithms. Keep in mind that if your system has the optional SmartColor™ module, it makes the Color and Contrast adjustment feature redundant and you should NOT use the Color and Contrast feature.


By enabling Auto Levels enhancement, Color Factory will optimize image levels. The clipping values refer to the amount of pixels that will be clipped outside the black and white end points. E.g. if the black clipping value has been set to 0,5%, half a percent of the pixels in the image will be black.

By also selecting Use same adjustment on all colors the adjustment is done on the luminance component only, retaining the saturation and hue. The result is that color cast isn’t removed, which may or may not be an advantage.

To avoid taking any potential colored border into account when performing color and contrast adjustment (this could have an undesired effect on the Auto Levels adjustment), you can choose to ignore a percentage of the image border. Simply enter a percentage in the field labeled Percent of image border to ignore.

Finally, by enabling the Adaptive Histogram Equalization enhancement, the image contrast is altered to achieve an evenly distributed histogram. The areas setting lets you choose how many units you wish to split the image into before applying the contrast adjustment. By choosing 1 area, the entire image will be adjusted as one. By choosing more areas, different areas of the image may be processed differently when adjusting contrast. The amount of contrast enhancement determines to which extent Color Factory will attempt to fully equalize the image histogram.

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