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Processing of grayscale input images

How to configure color management for grayscale input pictures.

Color Management for grayscale pictures

Where: Channel | Color Management | Grayscale tab


Here you can configure the way Color Factory should handle incoming grayscale images. By default, grayscale images are processed without involving Color Management settings. However, you may choose the desired processing in the drop down list. By enabling conversion with color management you can choose an input and output ICC profile. (Conversion to Lab disables the choice of output profile.) Below the input profile selection list you will find a checkbox allowing you to ignore any ICC profile already embedded in the input file. If checked, the input profile selected from the list will always be applied. Left unchecked, any input file with an embedded ICC profile will be processed using that profile.

Similarly, under Output Profile, you may tick Embed profile in output file, allowing other systems in the workflow to process the images using the same color profile.



When converting to grayscale using Color Management, you have the possibility to adjust endpoints by clicking the Endpoint adjustment button. This way, you can increase or decrease the intensity of light and dark areas in the images.

Note that when converting to grayscale, you may choose an RGB output profile, i.e. a monitor profile, in which case only the profile’s gamma setting will be used to correctly display the image on the target screen. By choosing an RGB output profile for grayscale conversion, endpoint adjustment is disabled.

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