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General image processing

Processing options for RGB, Grayscale and CMYK input pictrues.

Image processing settings

Where: Channel | Input File Formats | Images tab


Here you may configure how various image file types should be handled by Color Factory. You may choose to treat Grayscale, RGB and CMYK input images differently. The default setting is normal processing, in which case the input images will be processed according to the channel settings defined. By choosing No Pixel processing, the physical image data will not be altered, while other options such as metadata and auto-routing are still enabled. Thirdly, you may choose to ignore the image type to allow processing in another channel, and lastly, you may choose to simply copy the input file to the output folder with no processing applied whatsoever.

Note the checkbox that lets you preserve the original file format when the input file contains layers or transparency information. A Photoshop PSD input file can contain layers, and both PSD and TIFF formats support transparency information. When an input file contains this sort of information, Color Factory can be set to override the channel’s output format to preserve this information by selecting this checkbox.

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