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Enabling Reuters Video NewsML support

Learn how to enable Reuters NewsML support for video feeds.

Reuters Video NewsML support

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select XML & Job Request Files

Open the XML formats tab.

The following dialog appears.

Select Enable Reuters Video NewsML support.

CF NewsML support.jpg

Reuters video feeds typically transfer an accompanying NewsML file alongside the video file. The NewsML file contains XML-formatted metadata that Color Factory can convert to regular XMP to make XMP-compliant applications able to read and edit the information.

To use this functionality, your channel's input folder needs to receive both the video file and the accompanying NewsML file, as Color Factory will wait for both files to arrive in the input before processing them together.

The information in the NewsML file is then mapped as follows:

NewsML field Corresponding XMP field


Title  (#005)


Headline (#105)


Byline (#080)


Description (#120)

Copyright Holder

Source (#115) and Credit (#110)

Copyright Notice

Copyright String (#116)


Content Preview (#150) 

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