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Ensuring metadata codepage consistency

Learn how to configure code page mapping for IPTC-based metadata.

Codepage mapping

Where: Channel | Metadata | General tab


By clicking on the Character Codepage Conversion button you can enable global system preferences for character conversion in your system. By default, when this feature is enabled Color Factory will try to auto-detect the text format of the input images, assuming that they use either Windows or Macintosh Western Europe character sets. Then, in the field below you may set the output format, for instance Windows Western EuropeMacintosh Western Europe or another output character set.

When is this used?

With a system that handles assets that only have XMP metadata, character code mapping is not relevant since Unicode, on which XMP is based, doesn’t have multiple code pages like IPTC does.

All FotoWare applications since version 6.0 store metadata in XMP format. They also read IPTC metadata, so that "legacy" assets with only IPTC metadata can be successfully imported to the system. When updating the metadata, FotoWare apps will store the new metadata block in XMP format.

If assets from a legacy system based on IPTC are added to the FotoWare system, Color Factory needs to know the original code page that was used to store the IPTC block to correctly interpret the content. After processing, Color Factory will store the metadata as XMP.

Learn more about codepage settings for reading IPTC metadata.

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