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Extracting metadata from input images

How to enable extraction of XMP metadata to a text file from pictures processed in a channel.

Text extraction to file

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select Metadata

Open the Extract Text tab.

The following dialog appears.

Metadata text extraction.PNG

With Color Factory you can extract text from the input images and store the text file separately in either ASCII or XMP (XML) format. To do so, enable Activate text extraction and, optionally, choose to store the text files in a separate folder. Otherwise, the text file will be stored in the channel's output folder alongside the image.

You may also choose the name of the text file, and whether it should be named according to the output file name of the file it has been extracted from or based on a metadata field in that file.

Then choose between storing the text files in XML format, in which case all image text is extracted and stored, or as Text or XMP files, which means you must manually select the fields you wish to extract. You can either enter codes in the Text extraction field or choose to have Color Factory use an existing text file as an extraction template.

If you choose to store the text files as ASCII files, you can separate the different entries in a metadata bag field using a separator character; a semicolon, colon, or comma may be used as the separator. If no separator is defined, Color Factory will separate the entries with a regular space character.

Finally, you can choose to prefix the extracted text with field codes to allow a merge operation back to specific fields at a later point in the workflow.


To extract information from metadata field 020 - Supplemental Category - and separate the different entries with a semicolon, enter #020; in the Text extraction template field.

What if you want to insert a tab or a new line in the template?

When editing the template, you can insert a tab character. Pressing the Tab key moves the focus in the Color Factory configuration away from the Text extraction template field, so to insert a tab you need to press Ctrl-Tab.

Inserting a new line is done by pressing Enter to add as many line shifts to the template as you need.

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