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Removing metadata fields from the output files

Filtering out metadata

Using Metadata filtering you can determine which fields you wish to preserve in the channel's output.

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select Metadata

Open the General tab.

Select Metadata Filters to see the available options. 

metadata filters.PNG

By default, all XMP data in the input file will be preserved in the output. However, it is possible to allow only fields that the Color Factory is aware of (that are in the local Metadata Configuration schema) to pass through. To do so, select Allow only fields defined in the Metadata Configuration. Any fields not part of the schema will be stripped away from the output file. 

Removing specific fields from the output file

Additionally, it is possible to block fields, i.e. not preserve them in the output. To do so, select Block Fields and add individual fields to the list. This may be a more practical way to remove metadata than setting up a macro that strips away unwanted information from individual fields.

Metadata Block Fields list.PNG

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